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6 reasons why Saleswin is the perfect solution

Always be one step ahead.

We sell the platform only once per industry
  • Let's say you run a catering business. In this case your company would be the only one within gastronomy to work with Saleswin.
  • This is part of the sales contract.

Offer a top service. 24/7.

As from now on you are always there for your clients
  • Your customers can order around the clock; to the conditions you negotiated.
  • You offer a constant top service with even less effort.
    • 3 different payment methods
    • Issue of vouchers for a specific or for all customers

Turn your customers into fans.

With Saleswin you establish sustainable customer relationships
  • Give your customers exactly what they need and want
  • An individual login for each customer allows you to offer specific conditions to each client and will administer them effortlessly.

Skyrocket your Brand.

Saleswin adapts to your corporate design
  • The installation and 5 hours of adaptation are free of charge.
  • Further amendments are possible at any time.
    • Saleswin has been programmed in Switzerland which means you automatically enjoy a Swiss service.
    • You have the full right to use for your code.


Get more time for your core business.

Saleswin handles (almost) the entire administration automatically. This gives you time.
  • The following processes happen automatically:
    • Billing and dunning
    • Stock management
    • Settlement of vouchers

Win even more customers.

Don't miss a single opportunity
  • A public webshop for your «walk-in customers» is integrated already.
  • The public webshop supports the automatic processes:
    • Billing and dunning
    • Stock management
    • Issue of vouchers (e.g. for all new customers)
    • Different payment methods

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